A smile is so insignificant to some while it could be a life changer for another. Lee Lomas

smileHas a smile ever changed your mood at that very moment? How often does a person walk by and ask, “Hi, how are you?” It happens to me many times throughout my day. The act of asking the question flows off the tongues pretty easily for some, yet another may find it hard to ask the question, make eye contact or simply wait for an actual answer.

A simple smile is a small gesture of connection and has become so routine  that it is often ignored. People are in such a hurry that when I answer anything more than the word okay, they are rather dumbfounded. Some even kind of trip up in their gait after hearing my response.

Do they think, oh crap, now I have to say a little more, possibly even have a conversation? Or do they stop for a moment and ponder what just occurred? I’ve had both responses and oftentimes I’ve had a thank you as well. Feeling the genuineness of your smile may have just made their day.

I hope that my smile and response triggers a new thought process, one that continues throughout the faces of many souls.

Give it a try, notice the difference in how people respond and if you are one who wants to walk by in a hurry, slow it down and really listen. A few minutes just may change the course of someone’s day.