“Trust your instinct as you drive past the naysayers and wave toward blue skies ahead.” Lee Lomas

Rain cloudsAs the service worker handed me my keys, he pointed outside, “Ma’am you may want to put the top up on your car, it’s starting to sprinkle. I looked out the window and shrugged it off. Looking up at the sky, this cloud was hovering overhead. A passing thought of should I or shouldn’t I? I opted for shouldn’t as the skies in the direction I was going were blue and beautiful.

Rain clouds to fluffyThis was my sightline ahead, rain clouds to fluffy. The highway was calling me and I only had one stop light to sit at before I headed toward home. About a mile ahead, torrential rains appeared. Headlights passed and windshield wipers swiping the water off with gusto. I couldn’t stop now or I would be drenched. The funny thing about a convertible is, if you don’t stop, you don’t get wet. The water flows over you and around you. My shiny red car was cleansed and as I passed other drivers, they shook their heads in disbelief. I waved and point towards blue skies ahead.

Blue skies aheadIf you can forge ahead with gusto through the torrential rains in your life, blue skies await you.