From Georgia to San Jose

Photo by reallyghey.comYesterday we did a road trip and saw a Georgia license plate on a vehicle we passed on the highway. We started singing the song, “Georgia” by Ray Charles, although we didn’t know exactly who sang the song or even most of the words except…Georgia, Georgia. We laughed, sang and hummed the song the rest of the evening.

This morning as we sit on the lanai drinking coffee, I am looking at sites on the computer and she is reading the paper. She starts humming the song again. I pull up a website and play the song that also has the lyrics written down. We laugh about not knowing the words and finally sing it the way it’s supposed to be sung.

I told her the website was one I pulled up when searching for lyrics to a song that I wrote about in one of my chapters.

About ten minutes later she reads a headline in the newspaper and starts to sing, “Do you know the way to San Jose…”

That was the song I wrote about in my chapter.