“Memoir writers often wonder if they may tell all they really experienced, thought and felt, or if they should censor themselves.” ~ Nan Merrick Phifer

First four books.I’ve come across this dilemma often. As writers, we wonder what our words will do to another. As memoirists, we keep some of our feelings in check, because we don’t know how our words and personal details being told for all the world to read will affect our families feel.

As part of an apprenticeship program I participated in, a few of my fellow writers felt they couldn’t write from their heart and felt disconnected from the passion that initially brought them to the program.

Other writers I know were scared to write under their true name for fear of retaliation from work.

Have you ever written something only because you were able to do it anonymously?

Have you self censored because you didn’t want anyone to know?

Would it really be the end of life if you wrote what you felt?

Thankfully, I have never been in these positions. My writings have come from my heart and I write about life’s intricate misgivings and failures along with all the successes I’ve accomplished as I fumble my way around.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, write passionately from your soul or at the very least create a pseudo name and put your words out there for all to enjoy.