Saint Sebastian

Week Artists Way by Juie Cameron1 of our class working through the book, The Artists Way by Julie Cameron opened our minds to the possibility of writing without thinking about it. Ms. Cameron is famous for a type of writing she calls the morning pages.

Writing before I’ve had my coffee, before I’ve barely stepped foot out of bed would be a challenge. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time? To write something that made no sense and actually was suggested not to even look at until later, if at all.

Usually, I am unable to start my writing the second I wake up, as my pups are ready to go out to relieve themselves, if they hear even an inkling of sound out of my mouth other than an occasional snore (okay, I probably snore more than that, but hey prove it to me). They are ready to go out.

I then walk the length of our hallway, out to the garage and out the back door to let them out. Then it’s my turn, but I can’t leave those evil creatures outside for long at 4:15 a.m. or they will ask one of the neighbors to bring them inside.

I am half awake, and things start buzzing around in my head. That is the whole purpose of the morning pages, is to get those buzzing noises onto paper, no matter if they make sense or not. A mind dump to start the day off fresh.

The first morning, two days ago went well. I wrote my three pages in solitude as my wife slept. Today is Saturday and on the weekends, she tends to get up before me. She too is attending this class, which helps as we both take our time to complete our own set of morning pages.

As I woke, I wish I had my notebook in the bedroom, because the thoughts were already moving and disappearing. I smell the coffee and hear her talking to the pups. I get up, grab my notebook and head into the office. Pups follow me and now all I do I write about things that are much different than what I would have had I written it before fully waking up. I tried to remember some of the thoughts, but they left me as I walked down the hallway.

We also read out to the class and create a piece from a writing prompt.

Here is a short blurb created by the writing prompt (I am paraphrasing now because I don’t remember the exact prompt taken from 500 Writing Prompts by Picadilly).  Please keep in mind, while participating in writing prompts, there are no corrections, you write just as it flows out and usually they are timed writings.

Prompt: Create a story based on a superhero that has to do with the city you live in, what their powers are, what they look like, etc.

Mine is titled Saint Sebastian.

Saint Sebastian fights those folks who need a little extra help of getting down the roadway here in Sebastian, FL. Maybe even help moving through the streets in a manner conducive to faster than a slow moving tortoise.

Saint Sebastian has the heart of a child, a mind of a gentlewoman, and a soul of an angel.

Saint Sebastian has flowing hair to assist in spiritually moving the snowbirds down the road safely.

Saint Sebastian flies over traffic in her air born crafty BMW with an open window as the floorboard to see all her enchanted followers flowing below her like waves in the ocean.

Saint Sebastian’s greatest quality and super human power is the ability to smoothly guide all around her, thereby leaving smiles on everyone’s faces.

Creating fiction is harder for me and was really fun, humor is something I add to most of my writing. As I typed this out (and I really wanted to change it), I see one problem with the open window concept (falling out), but Saint Sebastian could easily reach down and snatch her driver up by neck if they seemed a little off course, She could then set them on a better path.

Keep in mind, we don’t know the prompt before its read to us. My wife created a superhero based on driving in Sebastian as well. Too funny, how our minds work together, yet so differently.

Give it a try, it’s fun even if you don’t want to be a writer.