Noticing the synchronicities, coincidences, or whatever you wish to call it.

to-kill-a-mockingbirdI’ve noticed it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve been here on my website. A shame it is and for various reasons, including not being able to figure out the admin side, sign on passwords, health issues, numerous household projects and yes, they all fall into the excuse category. 
So, here I sit today after a good friend told me I needed to get back to writing. Something I was well aware of but still didn’t take the time to do. However, I did replace it with an equally enjoyable task of reading.
In the past I’ve been compared to Harper Lee in my writing and Scout in how I’m seen as a person. I’ve never read, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” and have not seen the movie. Last year, I tried finding the book at the used book stores here in our area and in October, I finally found a copy and bought it for a mere dollar.
I couldn’t wait to get to reading it,  I squished up my pillow and found my happy place. I was ready. I opened the book and damn the words were so small, I couldn’t decipher the letters even with my readers hanging off kilter on my nose.
Disappointed not only because it was just too hard to read, but then I had to put my jammies back on, scamper down the hallway to find another book.
A few months later, I found a copy with a larger font. But not the old lady big print version, at least not just yet. I started the book this week and I am lovin it. I do see some resemblance in writing styles, but then again, my mother was born in Alabama, so I’m guessin I picked up a thing or two from her as far as the talkin goes. 
Each time I read a remark that escapes out of Scouts mouth, I giggle and think to myself, she has no filter. Something I’ve been told about myself was that I didn’t have a filter. Scout certainly is little miss independent. I wandered the neighborhood just as she did and spent a good part of my years down by the creek and in the woods by myself.
This past week, I’d heard and saw some references to the book and I am very aware of the synchronicities and how one should pay attention to them. Figuring out the why’s sometimes is the hardest part.
On Thursday night, I read a chapter in which Scout is told to stop having Atticus read to her, because he is messing up her learnin. Jem, I believe talked with her about the teacher needin to teach the Dewey decimal system to her.
The following day was a Friday and the library across the parking lot from work sold their used books 2 for 1 on Fridays. I always walked out with a few to stack on my bookshelves. I was perusin the book titles when a woman walked in with a piece of paper in hand and mentioned she was looking for a particular book and that she had the Dewey decimal number as she handed the paper over to him.
I smiled.
A few minutes later I picked up a book and one of the reviews on the back cover said, “This book reminds me of Harper Lee, author of “To Kill A Mockingbird.”
Another smile and a giggle.
Two days later in Sundays paper, Joanie told me she saved an article for me and it was sitting next to my chair in the lanai. I head outside to take a gander.
I start laughing as I read the headline, “Alabama town expanding Harper Lee attractions.harper-lee
Why  has this crossed paths with me so much this past week? As I typed this question, I look at the time and it’s 11:11:11.111111
The Why’s Don’t Matter, but it did make me think.
Maybe it’s because it has been such a long time since I’ve been on my website.
Maybe it’s because I’ve expanded my horizons on what I’ve been reading.
Maybe because I just needed a spark of inspiration.
Here I sit wondering.